Types of projects

Moapa Valley Builders specializes in the following types of projects:

  • High-end fully custom single family homes, built with the comfort and wellbeing of the future occupants in mind, all while minimizing the cost to the client.
    For example, we will design buildings to take advantage of any views while hiding neighboring structures from view at the same time, to provide a more secluded feel. We will discuss worthwhile energy saving improvements that will reduce the cost of operating the building in the long run, and the latest home automation features that will make your life easier. We will select low maintenance materials etc.

  • Small multifamily buildings such as duplexes and fourplexes, built at the lowest possible cost while considering the quality of life of future occupants.
    For example, we try to give a single family feel to the tenant whenever this is possible at no additional cost. We will limit noise transmission between units which makes for longer term tenants. We will select low maintenance materials etc.

  • Small commercial buildings.